Exhibitor Update: The Birmingham Assay Office

Michael Allchin enjoyed writing a blog so much for us he has kindly written another for this week 🙂

Thank you Michael. Just a reminder that you only have 11 days yet to register online…..www,jewellerylondon.com/register – avoid the £25 onsite charge and do it now.

Michael’s blog: Babies and Getting Fit for IJL.

I’m getting more and more excited. About IJL? Well sort of…….

This week should see the arrival of a new baby Allchin for my eldest son Ben and his wife Jenny. It’s their first baby and our second grandchild. Can’t wait. My first granddaughter Anna May calls me ‘Grumpa’; I wonder why?

The Olympics are over but not the cricket, the footie is just getting underway, and the Paralympics are round the corner. Wall to wall coverage on the telly coming up. I will be glued in. Just to show I’m not entirely a couch potato though, I’ve entered a 50 mile cycling sportive up and down the hills and escarpments in the Cotswolds. I’m ancient but my bike’s new and we both need a challenge. The sportive is in aid of ‘Cyclists Fighting Cancer’ a charity whose purpose is to provide bikes and adapted tricycles and equipment to children and young people whose lives have been affected by cancer. But there’s method in my madness too. All this training means I should be fit enough to keep going through all the parties and social events at IJL as well as ticking off my usual goal; to be at the show for every minute of every day throughout. Oh, my ‘Wiggo’ sideboards are coming on a storm….

We’re treating IJL as a campaign. The planning is done and the preparation is well underway. Penny has designed the stand and Kelly and Natalie are getting everything ready to take with us. Marion has decamped to Spain to recharge her batteries before the show, and Marie is back from her hols today. We know she’s here because the decibels and pace have doubled.

The Great Debate is going to be a treat, with some fabulous film and images of the uplifting work being done by inspiring people from the UK jewellery industry. Steve Bennett (The Genuine Gemstone Company), Vanessa Burkitt (Catherine Jones Jewellers) and Adam Jacobs (Foundation Jewellery) will raise our spirits and show that we can all help the world’s poorest people and our environment in a positive way. Don’t miss it. (The Great Debate is in the Inspirations Theatre from 12 noon until 1.15pm on Monday 3rd September, and is a joint initiative between Reed/IJL and the Birmingham Assay Office).

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